Lawyers Online – How to schedule client consultations and meetings

Lawyers Online - scheduling an online consultation or meeting.

For the safety of our staff, lawyers and clients, lawyers online provides the following :

  • No unscheduled visits or deliveries are permitted.
  • Client meetings and discussions will ONLY occur by phone or video-conferencing and must be scheduled in advance.
  • In-person meetings are ONLY for signing of documents - no discussions other than normal greetings exchanged.
  • Individuals attending the office MUST remain in the main floor meeting room and page or call upstairs to announce their arrival. Only 1 client at a time is permitted in the main floor meeting room to ensure physical distancing.
  • Clients are advised to bring their own pen otherwise a sanitized pen will be provided.

Do NOT come to the office if:

  1. you have travelled or live with someone who has recently travelled outside of Canada;
  2. in the past 2 weeks, you have exhibited or come into contact with anyone exhibiting flu or fever like symptons;
  3. in the past 2 weeks, you have participated in any group or social activity;
  4. in the past 2 weeks, you have been in contact with anyone that is suspected or tested positive for COVID 19.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this trying time.

GGS LAW values the health and safety of everyone as its #1 priority.

Be safe and be kind to one another.

For further information. CONTACT GGS Lawyers about lawyers online.