Matthew Leslie, Lawyer

Matt is a civil litigation lawyer with extensive experience in commercial/contract disputes, shareholder disputes, debt recovery, property and real estate disputes, employment issues, estate litigation, and personal injury matters.

His goal is to provide his clients with a realistic assessment of risks and costs and then apply thoughtful and efficiently aggressive solutions to each and every matter. Time and money are important to everyone, from multi-national corporations, to small business owners, to any individual with a dispute.

Having been called to the Bar in 1992, Matt has the experience to find and define the pressure points in a dispute and use them to achieve satisfactory early results through reasoned negotiation and potentially cost saving mediation. Long before entering the courtroom, he is working to achieve the best resolution possible. When a trial is necessary, Matt will be there through thick and thin.

Matt and his wife, Suzana, are long time Burlington residents, with two adult daughters. He now has a little more time to be an avid sports fan and participate in many different activities, from hockey to hiking to tennis. He also gets to spend more time in the kitchen an attempt to improve his culinary skills.

Matt looks forward to assisting you with your dispute resolution matter with skill, diligence, and integrity.

For legal advice regarding dispute resolution, civil/business litigation, employment law, estate disputes/litigation and personal injury law

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