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At GGS law, our Estate Lawyers have served clients with their estate planning needs for over 50 years. We take the time to craft the right Estate Plan for our clients.

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Karmel Sakran and his team at GGS Law have personally helped thousands of clients with preparation of their Wills and Powers of Attorney.

We safely and securely store your original Wills and Powers of Attorney onsite in our fire proof vaults without cost, saving your loved ones’ time and worry in having to locate your documents.

We will help when it is time to probate a Will and advise Executors and Estate Trustees on how to properly manage and distribute Estate assets.

We understand there can be difficulties or challenges in appointing friends or relatives as executors, trustees or powers of attorney for property.

Why Karmel Sakran?

  • Licensed and regulated by the Law Society of Ontario
  • 27 years of exceptional service to clients;
  • Provides a personal approach by getting to know you and your wishes.
Karmel Sakran and his team at GGS Law have helped clients when:
  • they don’t have someone to appoint to manage their finances or estate;
  • their child lacks interest or ability to help;
  • they are concerned with personality clashes or disputes between children;
  • they are concerned that a child’s spouse or partner may have a negative influence;
  • financial administration is needed on an ongoing basis;
  • there is a testamentary trust (such as a Henson Trust) that requires proper administration;
  • a child lives far away and possibly out of country; or,
  • the estate is complex and requires an experienced professional.
In such cases, you can appoint Karmel Sakran as:
  • Executor and Trustee
  • Power of Attorney for Property

Let Karmel Sakran and his team at GGS law give you peace of mind.

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  • Wills and Estates
  • Real Estate
  • Corporate

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