You shouldn’t worry about being an Executor because…

Executor of an Estate lawyer handles all the legal work

Do not worry about being an Executor of an Estate. You, as an Executor, do all the leg work while the lawyer does all the legal work and is your sherpa, guiding you on the things you should be doing, like filing taxes and going to the bank and opening an Estate Account.

Some people don’t want to be Executors because it sounds like too much work or too scary. It will involve work but the most important thing to consider is that an Executor can ultimately be liable if the Estate Assets are purposely or negligently mishandled.

This is a rare occurrence because most Executors want to do the right thing and most Estates are straightforward. Even when complexities arise and mistakes are made, as long as the Executor has acted in good faith, courts are loath to hold them personally liable for any loss.

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